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Data 20/05/2021


Robust, modern aesthetics and high quality materials. Garmin Enduro, the inexhaustible GPS. 


This is not going to be a very long review, I'm not going to get too long. I don't think it's necessary to write for the sake of writing. And it's not because the Garmin Enduro doesn't deserve a very long review and an exhaustive analysis. It's simply because I'm going to focus on the main and most important feature of this new Garmin device: the incredible battery life. It's not the only new feature, but it is the most significant and the one that makes this device stand out from the rest. I'm going to be specific, concise and not beat around the bush. Most of the features of the Garmin Enduro are inherited from the Fenix 6 range, but what interests me are the new features. So let's start.

In this image we can see that there are no significant differences in materials, weight or size with respect to the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro. It is inevitable to compare them. They share the same DNA, but the Garmin enduro comes with a very clear, specific mission, which is what differentiates it from other devices: it is aimed at any athlete looking for a GPS device with the best performance, quality materials and, above all, a long-lasting battery. This is undoubtedly its differentiating element.  The battery of the Garmin Enduro offers exceptional performance.

During the time I have used the Garmin Enduro, I have not put it on power saving at any time. The idea was to use it in normal conditions and see how far it would keep up with me. I logged my first activity with it on the 1st of April and it switched off on the 6th of May, a month and a week without charging it. Day to day with the phone connected to receive notifications. In the end the numbers have been: 

36 days of use.

25 activities.

46 hours of activity. 

Honestly, they have achieved an exceptional performance. The battery life of the Garmin Enduro is amazing. Any ultra-distance athlete who needs a device to accompany him for long days of training or competition will find in this device his best companion. If the sun accompanies you and you use the battery saving modes offered by the device, you will be able to choose the longest and wildest races without having to suffer the device shutting down along the way. The improvement in performance and battery optimisation is truly mind-blowing. However, I have to say, and this is a personal opinion, that I was a bit disappointed by the fact that it doesn't have built-in mapping. I understand that the reason must be durability, otherwise I can't explain it. 

It has been the first device with solar charging that I have tried so far, and I think it is a very useful and well achieved feature. The solar capture graph on the screen shows us practically immediately the capture of solar rays and the intensity of the sun's rays. I found it interesting to observe how the screen works, and to see how the sun's rays were captured and used by the device. Activities of more than an hour, with practically all the activity capturing the sun's rays, only reduced the battery life by 1 day. 

The other element I would like to mention is: The elastic nylon strap that dresses up this Garmin Enduro. When I saw it, I thought that with sweat or water from the swimming pool it would get soaked. But not at all, at no time has bothered me, I have noticed it wet. It has dried quickly, has not caught bad smells, and most importantly the fit is perfect. This strap really makes the device fit the wrist perfectly. The size of the Garmin enduro, I didn't even notice it when swimming. The only downside is that I find it a bit more uncomfortable to take it on and off than the Quick Fit straps that my Garmin Fénix 6 Pro has. But as I said, I like the final fit much better with this strap. 

As new features they also offer improvements in the data collected and analysed by the device. These improvements will also be updates for the garmin Fénix 6. 

Vo2 Max in Trail running has been incorporated. 

Improvements in the data of the ClimbPro function where apart from the data of the climbs of the route, we will be able to observe the data in the descents and the flats. 

Ultrarun mode, for Ultra distance athletes. You will be able to manage your long distance races by timing and managing the breaks, for example at the refreshment posts. The control and management of the race will be more optimal. 

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