Marmot Madison Jean

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Marmot Madison Jean


Marmot Madison Jean

Marmot Madison Jean



The Women’s Madison Jean has all the virtues of a performance jean—everything but the denim. This classic five-pocket jean is built with moisture-managing COOLMAX® fabric and stretch for better range of motion. The Madison Jean has a straight-leg cut, and the printed interior pocketing and waistband add subtle detail.


- Coolmax® for Moisture Management and Breathability
- Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50
- Stretch for Increased Mobility
- 5 Pocket
- Printed Interior Pocketing and Waistband
- Straight Leg Cut
- 32' Inseam


- Main Materials: 74% Cotton, 26% Coolmax 9.0 oz/yd
- Fit: Regular Fit
- Weight: 1lbs 2.4oz (521.6g)


Marmot Solarshield:

What is it?

Marmots Solarshield is built-in sun protection without the aid of topical treatments that can wash out over time. The fabric is designed to provide permanent sun protection through yarn and fabric construction. Solarshield, in its true form, is directly related to UPF and how it can protect you from the Suns harmful rays.

What is UPF?

UPF, by definition, is the Ultraviolet Protection Factor of a garment or clothing. It is the sun protectiveness of a fabric, evaluated and rated with a measuring system much like SPF. However, UPF rates both UVA and UVB protection, whereas SPF only rates UVB protection.

UVA & UVB are ultraviolet radiation wavelengths or rays emitted by the Sun. UVA rays are long wavelengths that penetrate deep into the skin, causing wrinkling and premature aging.

UVB rays are short, powerful, and harmful wavelengths that affect the outer layers of your skin. UVB rays cause sunburn, and damages DNA in the skin, causing skin cancer. In 1996, the term UPF was devised in Australia as a measure of how much UV penetrates a fabric. It is determined by using a UV transmittance analyzer (a common household tool) to gauge the spectral transmissi on of UVA and UVB rays.

How does it work?

Factors that affect the level of sun protection provided by a fabric, in approximate order of importance, include weave, color, weight, stretch, and wetness. The more open/less dense the fabric, the worse the protection (weave weight stretch). The darker the color, the more dye, the better the protection. Getting a fabric wet reduces the protection as much as half except for silk and viscose which can get more protective when wet. Polyester contains an ester(benzene) ring that absorbs UV light. Here is a general breakdown of UPF ratings vs. sun protection of sun protection a fabric is capable of:

- Rating of 15-20 is Good (Blocks 93.3-95.9 % of UV)
- Rating of 25-35 is Very Good (Blocks 96.0-97.4 % of UV)
- Rating of 40-50+ is Excellent (Blocks 97.5 or More % of UV)

What are the benefits of this technology?

Solarshield products have built-in protection without the aid of topical treatments that can wash out over time. Using unique fiber content, weaves, fabric weights and colors, our engineers have a collection of UPF apparel and accessories to help reduce your exposure to UV rays and give you more time in the great outdoors.


Coolmax® fabric enables you to improve personal performance by keeping your body cool, dry and comfortable all day long.

What is it?

Coolmax® is a moisture wicking, lightweight, soft and breathable fabric.

How does it work?

Coolmax® fabric is an original wicking performance fabric that moves moisture away from the skin. It works by absorbing and spreading moisture out across the fabric to enhance the evaporative drying rate. Specially engineered fibers allow for high-performance fabrics that are soft, breathable, and moisture wicking.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Coolmax® fabric helps you to improve personal performance by allowing you to perform at your optimum rate longer because it keeps your body cool, dry and comfortable. The built in ultraviolet protection helps to protect from harmful UV rays. COOLMAX® fabrics are also easy to care for by allowing machine washing and drying. And they dry quicker too, reducing dryer usage and line dry time.


What is it?

Denim made better! Marmots Tech Denim is designed for performance by using a blend of highly engineered technical synthetic and natural yarns to create advanced moisture management, built-in-long lasting durability, breathability and comfort.

- Dries up to 20% faster than 100% cotton denim
- T400 highly abrasion resistant crimped yarn provides outstanding 4-way stretch and recovery
- Exceptional abrasion resistant than 100% cotton denim due to the unique blend of technical performance yarns
- Specially engineered yarns enhance breathability to provide all day comfort
- Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+

How does it work?

Marmots Tech Denim is a combination of engineered technical synthetic and natural cotton yarns to provide optimal performance and comfort. The fabric is designed with natural cotton spun yarns in the warp and advanced technical synthetic yarns in the weft. This combination provides permanent performance through yarn construction that will not wash or wear out over time.

What are the benefits of this technology?

Marmots Tech Denim allows you to stay drier and more comfortable throughout all day activities by providing advanced moisture management, enhanced breathability, comfort stretch and durability while still maintaining the look and feel of 100% cotton denim.

Wash & Care:

Why do we encourage proper care of our clothing and gear?

Because you have invested in (or are thinking about investing in) one of the most technically advanced pieces of apparel or equipment youll ever own and we want to make sure you have the information you need to protect and care for your purchase. Proper care assures you will optimize the performance of your Marmot product and maximize its service-life.

Clothing Care:

- Machine Wash Cold
- With Like Colors
- Powdered Detergent
- Gentle Cycle
- No Fabric Softeners
- Do Not Bleach
- Low Iron When Needed
- Hang To Dry
- May Be Dry Cleaned

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Utilisez le tableau ci-dessous pour connaître votre taille. Si vos mensurations sont à cheval sur deux tailles, choisissez la taille la plus petite pour un maintien plus près du corps ou la taille la plus grande pour une coupe plus ample. Si votre tour de buste et votre tour de hanches correspondent à deux tailles différentes, choisissez la taille en fonction de votre tour de buste.

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Taille US Tour de poitrine (cm)(inch) Longueur de bras (cm)(inch) Tour de taille (cm)(inch) Tour de hanche (cm)(inch) Longueur entrejambe (cm)(inch)

- - 2

82.05 - 84.62

31.9995 - 33.0018



62.82 - 65.38

24.4998 - 25.4982

89.74 - 92.31

34.9986 - 36.0009

76.92 - 79.49

29.9988 - 31.0011


4 - 6

87.18 - 89.74

34.0002 - 34.9986



67.95 - 70.51

26.5005 - 27.4989

94.87 - 97.44

36.9993 - 38.0016

79.49 - 82.05

31.0011 - 31.9995


8 - 10

92.31 - 97.44

36.0009 - 38.0016



73.08 - 78.21

28.5012 - 30.5019

100.00 - 105.13

39 - 41.0007

82.05 - 83.33

31.9995 - 32.4987


12 - 14

100.00 - 105.13

39 - 41.0007



80.77 - 88.46

31.5003 - 34.4994

107.69 - 115.38

41.9991 - 44.9982

83.33 - 84.62

32.4987 - 33.0018


16 - -

107.69 - 10.26

41.9991 - 4.0014



88.46 - 93.59

34.4994 - 36.5001

115.38 - 120.51

44.9982 - 46.9989

7.69 - NaN

2.9991 - 0


- - -

115.38 - 120.51

44.9982 - 46.9989



96.15 - 98.72

37.4985 - 38.5008

123.08 - 125.64

48.0012 - 48.9996

84.62 - NaN

33.0018 - 0

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